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Agency Reporter

Editorial Desk

November 28, 2022

Optiminastic Media’s influencer marketing platform

Optiminastic Media with expertise across performance, content, video production, website development and influencer marketing...

AD Gully

Nilay Surya

May 18, 2022

Decoding the true value proposition of influencers in post-pandemic times

According to the report, the influencer marketing sector would be worth $16.4 billion by 2022. One key conclusion was...

Buzzin Content

Nisha Qureshi

September 05, 2022

AI is changing the content creation game, and the possibilities are endless

Ashish Seth - Creative Head, Optiminastic Media, stated that AI helps marketers save a lot of time and money. "Researching relevant and insightful content is the key to a good strategy. However...

Media Brief

Kalpana Ravi

September 08, 2022

Disha Poswalia, Optiminastic Media: New Influencer guidelines will safeguard stakeholders

Disha Poswalia, Influencer Marketing Manager, Optiminastic Media. Poswalia speaks about the short and long-term impacts of these regulations and outlines...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

May 26, 2022

Is AR/VR enabling brands to improve audience awareness?

At a board meeting held earlier in May, Apple's top honchos were introduced to the tech titan's upcoming mixed-reality headset. As reported by Bloomberg, Apple has also ramped up the development...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

May 18, 2022

Google’s permission-based marketing: Will it mean better return for every ad dollar spent?

At its recently held Google I/O developer conference, the search engine giant announced that it will be...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

August 01, 2022

How advertisers are unlocking new marketing opportunities with locked screens

Marketers, over the past few years, are fast realising that the best advertising real estate is right there in the hands of the consumers, referring to smartphones...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

August 25, 2022

How AR & VR are driving marketing for the auto industry

According to Akshae Golekar, Founder & CEO, Optiminastic Media, the automobile industry is the fourth largest industry in the world, and this industry...

Live Mint

Lata Jha

February 28, 2022

Media dips its toes into metaverse

With the emergence of the Metaverse, the entire media and entertainment industry is poised to undergo a paradigm shift, said Arun Pandey, co-founder of NFT...

Campaign India

Campaign India

November 28, 2021

Optiminastic Media launches digital influencer marketing platform

Digital marketing agency, Optiminastic Media, that currently has expertise across performance, content...

Financial Express

Financial Express

October 01, 2022

How interactive marketing drives brand engagement

By Akshae Golekar Empowering consumers to make their own decisions and choices always has its advantages and with the advancement of advertising technology, innovation has led to engaging and exciting manners of how brands are now able to communicate with their consumers...

Money Control

Maryam Farooqui

June 12, 2022

Startups to prioritise performance marketing over brand building

Surajit Majhi, founder and CEO of Graphixstory, narrates an anecdote about a startup client who held back his company’s campaign after entering a 0ne-year deal with the tech- and animation-driven ad agency in March...

Indian Television

Anupama Sajeet

August 21, 2022

Why regional outreach is the way to go for brands this festive season?

Optiminastic Media’s business development manager Aditya Pandey agrees and says, "ROI is one of the paramount metrics that a marketer relies...

Indian Television

Anupama Sajeet

July 25, 2022

RBI recommends banning cryptocurrencies, industry shows concern

According to Optiminastic Media founder Akshae Golekar, with several first world countries, such as the UK, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, and Spain...

Fortune India


February 17, 2022

Direct to Avatar: D2C brands Leaf Studios, Rage Coffee plan metaverse foray

As the importance of virtual selves grows, selling to users' digital identities or going direct-to-avatar presents huge branding and monetisation opportunities...

Best Media Info

Tanzila Shaikh

July 15, 2022

Performance marketing takes a back seat as brands focus more on long-term play

Several companies that spent almost all of their digital budget on performance marketing have cut their spends by as much...


Akshae Golekar

June 29, 2022

Leveraging The Power Of Social Media To Drive Purpose

The 5 most popular social media platforms are Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. We have come across a lot of stories which highlight the power of social media and the scale at which people can help via...

Buzzin Content

Nisha Qureshi

August 15, 2022

Content marketing in lock screen advertising- How big can the market get?

Abdul Saud Siddique, Alliance and Partnership Manager at Optiminastic Media, said that brands have the chance of getting noticed by consumers even before they unlock their phones through the lock screens...

Media Brief

The New Desk

October 31, 2022

Has Twitter struck a sweet deal for all across the board?

Ashish: Twitter has been a consumer-first platform and with Elon Musk taking over, I believe it will remain so. As the Digital adex is already set to overtake television in 2022, it is my belief that Elon Musk will use this momentum to set in motion his plan while keeping the already existing system largely undisturbed...

Media News 4 U

Neethu Mohan

March 08, 2022

Brands are timeless, so are SRK & Salman Khan!

The popular beverage brand Pepsi and the homegrown brand from Coca-Cola- Thums Up has roped in Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan as brand ambassadors respectively and have unveiled the latest...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

July 26, 2022

Twitter Ads: Bots the problem? Not really, say advertisers

Akshae Golekar, Founder, at Optiminastic Media, a digital and performance marketing agency, believes that brands have become more skeptical when it comes to the actual size of their audience, data...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

October 31, 2022

More free speech, paid blue ticks: What advertisers can expect from Elon Musk’s Twitter

Ashish Seth, Creative Head, Optiminastic Media, chimes in saying that Twitter has kept its ad offerings as non-intrusive as possible, and with Musk taking over, he anticipates a change in that trend. “I believe that Musk is likely to open new avenues and explore new methods in the near future while keeping...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

May 22, 2022

Higher GST on gaming: Is the sector up for the challenge?

The impact of the proposed 28% GST will be borne by game developers and advertisers but the marketing budgets are likely to stay unaffected...

Live Mint

Lata Jha

March 23, 2022

Fan following, skillsets help social media stars get a break in Bollywood

NEW DELHI : A bunch of young influencers and popular social media faces that found an audience during the two years of the pandemic will be seen making Bollywood film debuts in 2022. Prajakta Koli, who had...

The CEO Story


July 02, 2020


COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused a major impact on the global business market. The pandemic has created a major downfall to the productivity of many verticals and digital marketing stands with no exception...

Financial Express

Vainavi Mahendra, Smriti Mishra

July 03, 2022

As Google steps up its focus on privacy control; brands will have to focus on KPI driven advertising

The recent announcement on the roll-out of tools ‘My Ad Center’ and ‘Results about you in Search’ by Google, will from here on provide more power to the users. What it means is that users will be able to...


Brand Media

October 04, 2021

Optiminastic Media announces expansion in UAE

Optiminastic Media, touted as the digital hero in the digital media world, is a Mumbai-based digital agency, which has already acquired a loyal base of clientele...

Hindustan Times

Neetu Bisht

September 14, 2021

Optiminastic & Neetu Bisht discuss Influencer Marketing in 2021

Neetu Bisht is one such creator of Opti Crate, who recently got verified on Instagram. The creator has made a huge impact by working with brands such as MX Taka Tak, Smule, Up stock, and Pepsi...

Social Samosa

Industry Updates

September 19, 2022

Optiminastic launches its virtual office, Optiverse

Speaking on the development, Akshae Golekar, Founder at Optiminastic Media said, “At Optiminastic, we have been bullish about the potential of the Metaverse. We have been early and keen watchers of Web3 and the Metaverse and believe that it has...

Brand Equity

Akshae Golekar

March 14, 2022

Is Metaverse a promising marketing playground for brands?

The Metaverse concept got immediate attention from brands across like large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies alike at the time...

Buzzin Content

Nisha Qureshi

September 25, 2022

D2C brands are dominating the influencer marketing space this festive season

As per Siddiqui, every festive season, e-commerce, fashion, F&B brands like Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, Max Fashion...

Buzzin Content

Nisha Qureshi

March 28, 2022

Gender pay gap disparity in Indian influencer industry: Reality or myth?

Gender pay disparities exist in all corners of the world and it exists across fields. In traditional media like films...

Media News 4 U

Neethu Mohan

May 03, 2022

Elon Musk’s Twitter Buy: Impact on Influencer Marketing

US billionaire Elon Musk acquired the microblogging site Twitter last week for $44 billion, one of the largest buyouts in history. The deal has raised questions...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

June 15, 2022

New ASCI guidelines on online betting ads: A welcome move for Indian gaming industry?

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), under the aegis of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, has been on a reform streak...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

April 24, 2022

Can digital currencies help brands stand out in a competitive market?

The interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow with each passing day as the digital asset market continues to be driven by these crypto coins. Taking into account the growing popularity of...

Exchange 4 Media

Shantanu David

October 03, 2022

Real Money Gaming set for a big boom this Diwali

Indeed, within the RMG space there are a few drivers that stand out: one being cricket and the other being the festive season. Ashish Seth, Creative Head, Optiminastic Media, observes that this time of the year will see both these drivers coincide, which will be exciting to...

Live Mint

Lata Jha

August 06, 2022

Streaming platforms go aggressive on marketing big international shows

Much like Hollywood studios promoting their films in India, foreign video streaming services are upping their marketing game for international originals in this market...


Akshae Golekar

May 18, 2022

Are Indian consumers ready for the metaverse?

India will be one of the largest and fastest adopters of metaverse technology, when we finally do so, says our guest author. Metaverse may be the hottest term...

Financial Express

Smriti Mishra

September 21, 2022

As Google eyes the short form videos market with YouTube; opening up revenue stream

YPP allows YouTube to stand unique among all its competitors, Abdul Saud Siddiqui, alliance and partnership manager, Optiminastic Media, said. “YPP will allow creators to earn through branded ads which will be integrated into the...

Money Control

Maryam Farooqui

June 12, 2021

Elon Musk to turn Twitter into a new playground for brands but concerns remain, say marketers

The average cost for a promoted ad on Twitter ranges between $0.25 and $2 whereas follower ads are about $2 to $4 per follow, noted Ashish Seth, creative head of ad agency Optiminastic Media. Twitter is not a primary platform to advertise while platforms like Google, Meta and Snapchat have dominated the market with a larger...

Your Story

Madanmohan Rao

October 14, 2021

‘The metaverse has become the newest macro-goal for many of the world’s tech giants’

When you start building a brand online, it’s all about hustling. Building a brand from scratch is both exciting and challenging. - Akshae Golekar and Ashitosh Wadkar, Optiminastic Media...

Indian Television

Anupama Sajeet

September 07, 2022

Is the Indian edtech boom beginning to go bust?

Optiminastic Media head of business development and partnerships Aditya Pandey. "After offline centres and schools have been resumed, the registration count of new customers has lowered by a...

Economic Times

Shepali Bhatt

May 02, 2021

The humbling of the humblebrag

Akshae Golekar, 28, says he felt uncomfortable sharing celebratory posts about his social media marketing company doing well during the pandemic when he saw posts on similar lines from others and “realised I wasn’t okay with reading such things...