Case Studies

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  • Brand Brief:

    Promote its existing GHUMO FIRO OYO campaign KPI: Video Views and Reach

  • Key Insights:

    The company has positioned itself as a family and couples-friendly option, offering amenities and services that cater to the needs of these groups. However, according to our research OYO as a brand was heavily associated with being solely couple friendly.

  • Execution:

    We ran a 6 month long campaign to retain the brand's travel friendly image to match the GHUMO FIRO OYO Campaign Tone. We got the top travel creators in the country and produced multiple high quality content which was published by the creator and distributed by us across social platforms. The campaign reached a wide audience through performance marketing and kept the engagement through the roof.

  • Impact:

    During our 6 - month promotional campaign for GHUMO FIRO OYO, we reached 30 million organic audiences, resulting in a contract extension of 12 months and a new campaign.